Stem cell Peel

Lady relaxingFirst Time In India How is STEM CELL PEEL
different from Other Peel’s?stem cell peel,It’s one of the most advanced peel, with nano – technology

Stem Cell Peel is a biphasic peel i.e. it consists of two phases, a liquid(Solution 1) and a solid phase(Solution 2).

The epidermis is the top most layer of the skin. It does not have any blood nor nerve supply. The epidermal cells originate from the dermis.

All peels available in the market just remove layers of the epidermis, leaving it to heal by its self. The Stem Cell Peel being a biphasic peel acts by Liquid phase which lysis the upper layers of the epidermis and also promotes growth of new epidermal cells.

The second phase i.e. the solid phase, is a cream that contains epidermal growth factors ,VEGFS, etc, that  are derived from the Malus Domestica stem cells causing the dermis to become more vascular.

So a healthy dermis promotes a healthy epidermis.

For one to get an optimum effect, 6-7 peels are recommended, 15-20days apart. Repeated use of the peel causes slight thickening in the dermis thus leading to the reduction in fine lines and fine wrinkles and hence causing its anti aging effect.

Post peel, one is recommended not to wash the face for six to eight hours, this is to allow the second phase i.e. the solid phase of the peel to work, so as to allow the epidermal growth factors and stem cell extracts to work.

STEM CELL PEEL is very effective anti aging peel, As the peel rejuvenates the dermis, stimulates collagen synthesis, Making your skin appear more Vibrant, Revitalized, Regenerate, Reversing the Aging process causing total skin rejuvenation.


What Conditions Do Peel’s Treat?

Areas that can be treat are your face, Neck, Hands, Chest, Back, and full body as well. They can be used to:

Reduce  sunspots, age spots, blotchiness, fine lines around the mouth or eyes,

Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage, aging and family history

Improve the appearance of mild Scarring, atrophic and pigmented scars.

Treat certain types of acne

Reduce age spots, freckles and dark patches  due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills (melasma)

Improves skin Hydration, tone, the look and feel of skin, that is dull in texture and colour.

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Where can I get the Peel’s done ?

All peel’s should be performed Under Medical supervision, as an outpatient procedure. Chemical peel’s are available in any skin clinics. STEM CELL PEEL is only Available at our clinic. It is very safe and affordable and is especially formulated for the Asian skin.



93 % Improved skin hydration

73% Increased skin fitness

67% Decreased wrinkles appearance

63% Improved skin tone + brightness